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Manage your appointments online with your own mobile app

App for hairdressers and beauty salons

Beauty centres and hairdressers in London can benefit of this new mobile app

Our App for hairdressers will help those beauty salons (and businesses such as hairdressers) that usually base their business on regular customers who go usually attend the same hairdresser. These people not only like browsing the available hairdressers to go: they also they look for the professionals who work in it and the way that they work. They look for the best deal and professionalism: someone to trust in. And now, this can be done through your mobile app for hairdressers.

A beauty salon or hairdresser is not only a place where people go to get a simple haircut: it is something else. For this reason, this app for hairdressers and beauty centres will help you keep in touch with your customers after they leave your shop.

Beauty salons and hairdressers can benefit from managing appointments, selling products among other functionalities, but the most important is to improve their branding and offering something more than their competitors.

With a mobile app for hairdressers you could achieve the following:

  • Confirm appointments purely online.

  • Offer a customised booklet.

  • Get loyalty tools with promotions.

  • Publish content about your topic.

  • Chat with your customers and receive inquiries.

  • Stand over your competitors.

  • Use push notifications to remind your customers that they have an appointment.

Probably, you have come up with more possible functionalities and ideas to retain your customers through an app for hairdressers, so do no wait any get in touch with us without any commitment.

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