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We explain you how to get the best out of these sessions.

The improvement of brainstorming sessions by Google

Brainstorming: get the best ideas.

Google's brainstorming sessions have become a ritual nowadays. These sessions help Google employees so that, in their company, they can express their ideas about the company. They extract all kinds of ideas and thoughts to openly expose them to their colleagues. Talking, discussing and putting ideas together make their thoughts show up even stronger.

Many times, even from these brainstorming sessions, new projects that could be opened up to new companies specializing in them emerge.
Google shows amazing efforts to innovate and develop in all kinds of fields if the basis of the project is strong and makes sense. For this reason it is, if not the most, one of the best technological and research companies in the world.
The process that arbitrates these brainstorming sessions has a well-defined path followed by brainstorming (or even several sessions) to achieve a project with specific goals.
The process consists of 3 steps, and starts by thinking about the target user and their needs. Then, they think about all the possibilities and situations and finally execute the ideas.
If you want to know a bit more about Google's brainstorming sessions, you can do it through our social networks, do not hesitate to contact us without commitment.

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