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Mobile applications have now reached libraries' visitors

All the functionalities that a library app must have

Improve the service and the user experience of your library with this new mobile application

Libraries are one of the main spaces where people can greatly benefit from using an app to enhance their cultural experience.

The first thing to do if we want to make use of its different services and advantages is to register the user. This library app is of a great help because, through a quick form, users can have their own fidelity card that will automatically be registered in the database.

The second most important task is bookkeeping, the documentation and other resources. The in-app inventory contains all your books and a mobile user can filter them according to any theme and category. Users can also know the date in which books should be returned, which will help them being ready to bring it back to your library and, furthermore, knowing when another user will "free" it.

When the return date approaches, they will be notified by acoustic alerts so they will never forget it again. If they have to postpone its return date for some reason, the app perfectly contemplates other situations that you might like to include.

Yet another of the functionalities the app has is letting users helping each other, creating a network that encourages support among different members. They can create study and work teams to share experiences.

Turn libraries into much more than traditional libraries with a mobile app. These are just some of the ideas that we have come up with, but the possibilities are endless. Contact us and we will solve you any doubts that you may come up to.

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