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Mobile App development in London carried by our team of programmers.

Mobile App development London | Abalit Technologies

Get your iPhone and Android app developed today, request your free quotation now.

Your mobile application will become true thanks to our developers, send us an e-mail and we will analyse your mobile app within 24 working hours. Continue reading to get more insights on our day-to-day work.

London: Abalit Technologies' history

We are one of the best mobile app development companies you can hire nowadays. Our app developers have more than 10 years of app coding experience. One of our "musts" is to code our apps by following the Coding Best Practices, which will ensure and guarantee that other developers can modify and extend our mobile apps' functionalities. This means that you can hire your own mobile app developers after we set up your app, and they will be able to easily develop new features for your mobile application.

Owning a mobile app is the clue to success nowadays. Looking back, let's say about 10-15 years ago, moving to the "web" environment was a "must". Some businesses tried to delay their "migration" but, finally, their competitors overtook them.

This is, in fact, happening right now with mobile apps. During the last 5 years, developing mobile apps is highly recommended both for businesses and for entrepreneurs. We can help you entering the new mobile-based market. Millions of mobile apps are downloaded every day without exception, can you imagine how your business would increase if you could reach all those mobile app users?

Mobile app development London is a synonym for Abalit Technologies. Abalit Technologies is a synonym for high-quality mobile apps. High-quality mobile-apps is a synonym for guaranteed success. You deserve the best mobile app development in London, which in this case is backed up by our developers from Barcelona.

We are more than simple mobile app development experts in London: we are a team of fresh and familiar technical skilled people that enjoy developing mobile apps. Furthermore, our enterprise will also help you monetizing your app so that you can earn back what you invested. From including ads, to developing a premium version of your app... there are lots of ways to earn money, let's discuss them personally.

Mobile app development process in London

Starting from scratch, we would like to meet you in London and have a chat on your mobile app development idea. Developing a roadmap is the best way to know which path we are going to follow before we start coding your app. Once every detail on your app is clear, we will write down the project plan:

  • Kick-off meeting: The first time you meet one of our mobile application coding consultants, we will talk about your needs to sum up the functional requirements of your app.
  • Conceptualization: After the kick off meeting, we will write down the project plan
  • Economical approach: You will receive our economical proposal, including all functionalities and timings.
  • Mobile app development: Your mobile application will be developed by our coding team.
  • App startup: Our development team will work together with our marketing agents in order to launch your app.
  • App reengineering:From the first day, our consultants will analyse the way your customers use your app in order to make it more useful in future releases.

Mobile app development London: the new concept

To sum up, Mobile App Development London now means Abalit Technologies. More than 200 apps developed have given us the chance to learn more and more everyday. Feel free to inbox us at, we are waiting for you in The Leadenhall Building.

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