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Mobile marketing services and app monetization in london will help you

Start now your app monetization strategy in London | Abalit

Defining a good marketing strategy for your mobile app is the clue to your project's success. In Abalit Technologies London, we develop mobile apps and define marketing and monetization campaigns afterwards.

Can you imagine earning back the money you invested in your mobile app project? Trust us: we know how to achieve it. After over 200 apps developed worldwide, we have carried lots of success-cases regarding app monetization strategies.

Monetize your app.

A mobile app monetization plan is the real key to any project's success. There is a huge difference between iOS and Android app monetization. Both platforms' target users behave differently from each other, which means that there's a real need to hire app developers who are experts in monetization to achieve the best results.

Android: Those who are into the Google OS scene do not mind viewing ads displayed within the apps' content. Android app users are reluctant to pay for apps, that's why including banners is the way to go.

iOS: iPhone and iPad app users do not like ads being displayed within their content. iOS people prefer freemium and premium app monetization combinations, allowing them to choose between an app with ads and additional features (paid version) or without them (free version).

iPhone + Android apps: A common feeling is that they accept carrying in-app purchases, which will help getting more downloads at first as the app will be free, but you can also monetize it after.

Getting downloads is the first bump to come through. A good marketing strategy needs to be defined and executed. We combine the following actions, depending on the app itself and the target to achieve:

  • Social networks: They are, maybe, the main focus to get new users. Planning an ad strategy is a must for mobile app monetization. We will identify the social network (or networks) that better suit your target and work from there, even if you hire app developers from our team or if you work with your own ones.
  • SEO: Developing a nice and impressive website is one of our strong points which goes together with mobile app monetization strategies. Hire our high-quality content writing services at special rates, which will show up in Google and also attract new users who will (ideally) download your app. SEO is not the fastest way of catching new users but it lasts longer if it's well done.
  • SEM: Google Adwords, for instance, represents one of the best places to drop adverts in. However, we suggest you hire it only during short periods of time, as the ad will only show up while you pay for it. It's recommended to invest more money on SEO than in SEM.
  • ASO: App Store Optimization is a good practice, mainly if you want your mobile app to show up before your competitors'!
  • Newsletters: Permission marketing is only effective if a good database is available. We suggest sending news only when you are sure that their addressees will be interested in its content.

How to define the best app monetization strategy?

We love helping our mobile app customers monetizing their investment as soon as possible. To make app projects grow, this is the way to go, really. Getting money from your business means that you can hold a stronger app monetization strategy which, if carried correctly, will even give you more money back as well as make your project grow in terms of users, partners, and so on.

By achieving a great ROI, your mobile app project will be, someway, self-financed.

In Abalit Technologies London, our marketing specialists really enjoy defining realistic strategies. This means that we will state which actions suit your project best depending on your target, budget, app type and some other variables to consider. Each project requires a specific app monetization strategy, which will bring a highest success rate.

BEWARE of 'miraculous' and 'extremely cheap' campaigns.
There is not a 'magic formula' when deciding on which strategy to follow.

App monetization and development together

We feel good by defining app monetization strategies together with our mobile app development teams. Just drop us an email and we will explain to you how to develop a good app PLUS how to carry a great marketing and monetization campaign. Follow the link below to find out how we develop apps in London. Click here for info about mobile app development in London

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